Ralf Westermayer is a direct descendant of the famous manufacturer of fine china, Phillip  Rosenthal. Although he was always the art teachers favorite student, Ralf chose to pursue his sports interests rather than endure the potential stigma of being a "Student of the Arts".  Lucky for us, Ralf rediscovered art during an Art History course while attending Washington State University...GO COUGS!

Ralf, true to his heritage, has allowed his creative side to flourish by producing amazing artwork on canvas in typical mediums such as oils ,  Pastels and acrylics.  He has painted many well-known, albeit famous, Seattle landmarks, as well as other subjects which you can see by clicking the "Artwork Available" page of this website.  And, joining his enterprising side with his creative side, Ralf has channeled his talent into unusual mediums using the beautiful backdrop of traditional Seattle homes as his canvas.  A truly must see to believe.

For a firsthand look at the unique, one-of-a-kind creations direct from the vision of this equally unique, one-of-a-kind artist, please browse this website at your leisure.  We are certain that what you see will amaze and astound you leaving you anxious for more.

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